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PokerTracker Software, LLC.
I use PokerTracker 4. I use it for stats that show how active my opponents are at the table and how aggressive they are. It's very helpful because when I'm playing 20 tables, I can't know how each person is playing at each table, so this gives me a basic idea of that. I know PokerTracker has many other useful features, but I mainly only use it for the HUD. I also find PokerTracker to be helpful for tracking progress in cash games.
Kevin Eyring
July 29, 2013
Friday was a major day for PokerTracker, the immensely popular poker tracking and analysis software. Why, you ask? What was so monumental about Friday that we felt the need to write a feature article just one day later? The PokerTracker 4 Public Beta has been released and is now available to all poker players. Anyone can now take PokerTracker 4 for a test drive.
Dan Cypra
March 17, 2012